Translation of Academic Records

Studying abroad can be a wonderful and enriching experience, but it’s not simply a matter of applying, being accepted, and jumping on a plane. You need to have your ducks in a row, and for many, this means getting critical documents translated to be used in your academic file. You will also need identification documents, medical forms, and all sorts of government papers translated in order to make a smooth and legal transition to your overseas academic campus. These simply need to be translated by a certified translator in order to be accepted as legal documents.

I-20A-B or I-20M-N Form

In order to garner a student visa, you will most assuredly need your I-20 form translated. Issued by your projected college university, or trade school, it provides the documentation to the powers that be who issue student visas that you in fact are enrolled and accepted at the foreign university. The differences in the forms are for how you will be studying abroad- the A-B form is for academic and language arts students, while the M-N forms includes scholastic endeavors in the vocational fields. If you are studying in the US, they will also provide a student tracking number called the SEVIS numbers, which attests to the US Department of Homeland Security that you have a legitimate reason for entering and remaining in the country for an extended period of time.

DS-160 Form

This critical piece of paper is the backbone of the temporary student visa process, as it is an application for a non-immigrant status in the US while studying at university. The US Department of State requires this form, and having it translated into English is critical for attaining a student visa. It is available online, making the process simpler that paper forms, and speeds the processing time up. Using a certified translator to assist in filling it out is a sure way to help streamline an acceptance.

Academic Records

Your transcripts and diplomas are also a critical pile of paperwork that should be translated in order to achieve the right level of coursework in an overseas college or university. These indicate your past course f study including proficiencies and records of accomplishments. Not having these doesn’t mean you won’t be studying overseas, but the lack of them does mean repeating coursework to prove your proficiency. You will also need these translated for your visa application as further proof of intent to study abroad, and will be part of your US Department of State application package. It is critical to use a certified translator for these documents, as having a single mistake can call into question your academic history, and most likely, cost you your visa status.

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