Expert Opinion Letter

Expert Opinion Letter

Expert Opinion Letter H1B

For any qualified person looking to move to the USA, there are certain obstacles which must be overcome, and one of these is how to translate information about your academic abilities or work experience into something which can be commonly recognized and understood by authorities and businesses in the USA. Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, whether apply for a H1B visa, get a place at a university or college, or submit a job application, you may run into difficulties if your qualifications are all written in terms which cannot easily be understood by US residents. For example, a potential employer looking over your resume might simply skip your application rather than do the research to find out how your qualifications translate into US qualifications; it’s just simpler for them to choose a candidate whose academia they can easily understand.

An expert opinion letter is provided by a company working with a recognized authority (or authorities) in the subject field, and it will do the work for you, translating your educational achievements into something which can be understood by the average person in the USA. University professors, industry executives, and research scientists are a few of the people who can collaborate with businesses to provide you with this documentation and verify your abilities in a particular area. There are so many different types of achievements and qualifications throughout the world that the need for this is obvious, especially when professionals from other countries are looking to transfer their credentials into the USA.

For example, the H1B Visa requires the applicant to have a US bachelor degree, or the equivalent of this. Obviously, if you’ve never studied in the USA, you aren’t going to have this qualification, so you need experts to verify that your level of education meets the same – or a higher – standard, before you can apply. This assessment can be based on a variety of things, including industry experience and years of work, rather than just certification, so it’s flexible to fit with the needs of a skilled individual. The specifics of what can and can’t be accepted are complex, but you might be able to get a H1B Visa even if you if you don’t have any formal qualifications past a high-school level, provided you have enough years of work to equate to the degree. The business you are working with to get the expert opinion letter should have a full understanding of Immigration law and the intricacies of getting a H1B visa.

By getting an expert opinion letter, you will simplify and standardize your certification in the USA, and reassure potential employers or authorities that you have authentic credentials. You will likely find that you need the letter fairly frequently, whenever you apply to something new, so having one can save you a lot of time and effort. You will need to provide a business with certain documents, such as your resume, diplomas, degrees, prizes, etc., so they can assess and confirm your abilities in a particular field.