The Hardest Documents to Translate

It’s a question that is often asked, and for some, the answers are quite surprising. Even in the world of certified and professional translation, there are still documents that gave a translator pause and make them scratch their heads. It is also these documents that help to validate their services, proving why someone should hire[…]

What is a Certified Translator?

If you work across international borders, or are looking apply for a long-term visa to live in another country, chances are you will be looking to have several documents translated in order to do so. Many applications a translated document will be used for will have requirements attached to it, and one of those might[…]

How to Translate a Business Document

Being fluent in the language a document is being translated to is only the start for a certified and competent translator. There are some very fine details that must me attended to before it can be accurately completed, and some of these might surprise you. A great deal of work and consideration goes into translating[…]