Translate Adoption Documents

Adopting a child might well be the greatest thing you will do in your life and taking advantage of the Hague Act and adopting a child from another country is a worthwhile endeavor. But just as with a domestic adoption, there is an over abundance of paperwork that must take place when adopting from overseas, only with the added weight of having a need for translation services. Each legal document required for the adoption must be translated into the foreign language, and documents derived from the originating country for the child must be translated back as well. It is a daunting task, but something that can be accomplished with a reliable and professional translating service with experience in the process.

Translate Adoption Documents

The list may seem like a record of red tape, but each document is meant to protect not only the adoption agency, but yourself and the child as well. These documents need to be accessible by anyone investigating or recording the process in order to ensure there is no funny business going on. They are needed to verify your claims of financial status, identity, nationality, property, and countless other requirements through the USCIS system.

Your will need to have at the very least these following documents translated by a certified translator if you wish your adoption process to go forward:

  • Certificate of approval from the international adoption agency
  • Letter of intent to adopt
  • Proof of home ownership or a lease with a note from the landlord
  • Marriage certificate of the prospective parents
  • Birth certificates of the prospective parents
  • Parents’ letter of commitment to the child’s birth country’s adoption laws
  • Home study report or the certificate of completion
  • Letter of recommendation from the home study agency
  • Divorce decrees of the prospective parents, if applicable
  • FBI background checks for each prospective parent
  • Medical examination reports for each prospective parent
  • Letters verifying prospective parents’ employment or income sources
  • Financial statements or affidavits
  • Letter of good standing from the bank
  • USCIS approval notices
  • License from the international adoption agency
  • Passport identification pages for each prospective parent
  • Guardianship affidavit – for single prospective parents only

It may seem overwhelming, but by contracting a reliable translating service, you will be partnering up with someone who knows how critical it is to present the correct information, in the correct manner, the first time around.

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