Birth certificate translation for USCIS

International adoptions can be a wonderful way to bring a new joy into your life, but one of the first steps is having your own personal documents translated by a certified translation service into the language of the country you are adopting from. As prospective parents, you need to not only demonstrate your identity, but also your nationality so the host country can proceed with any background checks and liability searches. To this end, one of your first requirements as a potential parent is to have a birth certificate translation for USCIS use.

Birth certificate translation for USCIS

USCIS is more commonly known as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service- and most likely the number one requestor of certified translated documents in the country. In order for them to assist with your adoption process, they will require you to provide a certified translation of the documents in need, in this case your birth certificates, in order to prove that you are an American citizen with the proper identification and authority to complete the adoption process when it comes to pass.

With this, the USCIS will also be requiring an additional translated copy of the potential adoptees birth certificate to ensure it has the provenance and the legality to be properly adopted into the United States. This helps protect US citizens from becoming victims of fraud where an adoption fee is required by an agency and no child is available. A certified copy of the original birth certificate will demonstrate to the agents at USCIS that the child is free to be adopted into the US, with the proper citizenship being bestowed upon it through the process.

Seeking a USCIS certified translation

To begin with, look for actual certifications in translation services. This is backed up with a certificate of professional translation that the USCIS will recognize as a legitimate translation, and not simply something done by a neighbor’s acquaintance who happens to speak the language the document is being translated into. Certification means that the document is as true to the original content as humanly possible, and that the translator is liable for any miscommunication due to poor translation. After all, it’s their reputation on the line should something go amiss.

Before beginning your international adoption process, take a moment and ensure you have all the proper paperwork in order. A little forethought now will relieve you of a great deal of headache tomorrow.

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