International Credential Evaluation Services

International Credential Evaluation Services

The importance of education, whether abroad or domestically, is a concept that can open limitless doors for anyone willing to put in the time and dedication. However, what if one wanted to continue their education in a location that is not where that person calls home? Luckily, there is a service that helps individuals looking to continue their educational desires, while still accounting for the courses already completed by the student.

What is an International Credential Evaluation Service?

An International Credential Evaluation Service, simply put, evaluates the academics and professional degrees earned in one country, and compares them to the levels of education found in another country.

This process is mainly used when students, either domestically or abroad, wish to continue their education elsewhere by comparing the quality of education found around the world, and scaling as needed. For example: when a student is trying to continue their education in the United States, the Credential Evaluation Service allows to student to gain recognition for studies completed outside the U.S. and eases the immigration process by allowing the student to join the workforce with the proper set of skills. Likewise, when a U.S. student completes an International Credential Evaluation, it helps with the immigration process and checks the quality of the education received by the student against the world standard.

Why Should One Complete an International Credential Evaluation?

There are two main reasons one should complete an International Credential Evaluation: it helps with admission into foreign schools, and proves educational competency. In regards to admission, the evaluation compares already completed classes and allows the student to test out of mandated classes, thus confirming their knowledge of the subject. The evaluation can also assess whether or not a degree earned in one country has any merit in another country, or is worth less than the paper upon which it is printed.

Where to Find International Credential Evaluation Services

Thankfully, with help from the internet, these services are no longer as difficult to find and complete. Several organizations have adapted to the online world, and most evaluations can be completed online for a small fee. Two common International Credential Evaluation Services are: NAFSA (National Association of Foreign Student Advisers) – Association of International Educators, and WES (World Education Services). NAFSA is primarily focused on helping students in the field of networking and job acquisition.  USCES offers students free tools to help them calculate their GPA according to other countries standards, as well as helping students find scholarships.

When looking to immigrate to the United States, two Credential Evaluation Services that are recognized by the U.S. Department of State are AICE (Association of International Credential Evaluators) and NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services). Their main focus is on maintaining the quality international standards of education, all while helping students find comparable jobs to help further their education in their field of choice.

The certification process to study abroad has become significantly easier. As of 2014, over 800,000 foreign students were studying in the U.S., all having gone through the International Certification process. These individuals sought to better themselves through their education, and will continue to do so, thanks to this service.