How to Get Your Marriage Certificate Translation

Generally a requirement for a corporate family move or for bringing a new family member in through adoption, it is very possible that at some point in your life you will need to have your marriage certificate translated. Knowing how to get your marriage certificate translated could mean the difference between passings smoothly through government red tape and getting bogged down in endless paperwork.

There are three basic ways to have your marriage certificate translated, each with their own benefits and purposes. Your first task is to determine what form of translation is required, and then to determine where you would like it to be completed and by whom.

How to get your marriage certificate translated

The first option is the most universally beneficial, as it comes with a certificate of professional translation recognized by agencies in the US government, such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, also known as USCIS. This is the institution that will ask for your translated certificates the most for anything you might be required to have in another language, whether for business abroad in US concerns, or for documents from other countries needed to be translated into English.

Certified translations are bonded by certified translators. It sounds obvious, but the certification comes with a certain level of understood accuracy required for most documents required by the US and foreign governments.

Notarized translations are another form of acceptable documentation, but not by all official channels. Private corporations may only require a notarized marriage certificate for translation in order to qualify for benefits, or to verify spousal relations. Notarizing a translated document doesn’t ensure it is translated accurately, however. It only notarizes that the person who did it stands by it as correct to the best of their ability.

Lastly, a person can have a marriage certificate translated by someone completely outside the scope of any sort of certificate or notarization. This can be completed by a trusted friend or relative, and is done for the information sharing only. Many people choose this option, not realizing the lack of usability it brings as there is no backing whatsoever as to its accuracy. Unless it is going to be used decoratively as a wall hanging, or to show others outside the realm of professional or regulatory requirements, it would be best to consider having the translation notarized or done by a certified translator.

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