Spanish to English Certified Translation

More than any other pair of languages, translation services in the United States move between Spanish and English for sheer volume. With nearly 70 percent of immigration coming into the United States from Spanish speaking countries, and nearly 75 percent of international business being conducted from the US to Spanish speaking nations, the ability to translate documents is critical to keeping business running and people’s lives fully and properly documented.

To this end, Spanish to English certified translation is a critical step in the smooth processing of paperwork. Whether it is for adoption paperwork, citizenship review, visa applications, marriage licenses, or a plethora of other personal documentations, the service is available for those who need it, sometimes with a twenty four hour rush turn over for critical applications and time sensitive functions.

For businesses, the processes tracks goods and services crossing the nation’s borders and port of entry for everything from car parts to personnel billing. Corporations require strict records that are simple to access, and this means presenting them in both English and Spanish for both sides of the international transaction.

Spanish to English Certified Translation

There are other means of having document translated, of course, but in the course of regular business and government needs, certification is a must. The person initiating the service needs to have the original documents signed by the contractual parties, if required, then presented to the translator in their complete form. The translator will then move line by line, translating the paperwork to the best of their ability, using comparable meanings and definitions of words to exactly match the original meanings and phrasing of the contents.

Once this is done, a certificate of professional completion is filled out and ‘certified’ as accurate by the translating agency, with the proper seals and documentation backing up the process. These are what the USCIS and similar agencies are looking for as an accompanying documentation with any translated works. The receiving agency will review the documents that have been certified, in the translated language, as though they were the original copies with the same exact meaning and purpose. This simplifies the process and keeps business and personal information adjustments running smoothly.

The process is simple, and it is recommended that people needing the service continue to use the same translation agency for all of their needs. This sets a relationship in motion that the translating agency becomes familiar with the special needs of the person or company being contracted.

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