Documents Required for a Green Card

It is a document envied the world over, and having one in your wallet or purse will legitimize your extended stay in the United States. For those wishing to apply to stay, it is a necessity- the US issued green card is the path toward life as a citizen. In order to gain a green card, there is a simple application process, and just a few documents to demonstrate your eligibility. Having these in hand makes the process move smoothly – not having them can run you straight into a pile of red tape.

Visa Petition

The US visa form is your formal application for the green card, which lists and states who your sponsor will be in the States, as well as your reason for applying and why you wish to have a green card. This visa is a limited time document, good for a set period depending on your application and use, so be sure to be as accurate as possible when filling it out. Also, be aware of who your sponsor is in relation to yourself- a blood relative has a different form to use in comparison with a potential employer or fiancé. If you don’t know, speak with an agent at the consulate you are applying through. They can help with the fine details.

Vaccination Report

You will also need a complete record of your vaccinations, both from childhood and those you recently received. Certain vaccinations must be recorded as complete before you can enter the United States, per government controls via the US Center for Disease Control, or CDC. This limits the spread of disease across international borders, and having the required immunizations will protect you as well. Check with your doctor for advice on which vaccinations to get.


This seems like a no brainer, but many people don’t have a passport when they first apply for a visa and green card. This document proves your current nationality, and will help the US authorities process you that much quicker. Be sure it is validated as current, as an expired passport will do you no good.

Standard Identification Documents

These items cover such document as your driver’s license, your birth certificate, and various government forms that prove you are who you say you are. They should be validated and official, and the more you have on hand, the better your chances are of sailing through the identification portion of your application.

Don’t forget that these documents will need to be translated, so be prepared. With the right steps completed, you will be on your way to a successful application for a green card.