What is a Certified Translation?

It is quite possible you will require a certified translation at some point in your life if you ever plan or conceive of a situation where you will be working with a multi-language legality.

A certified translation makes sure that the document in one language is actually legitimate as well as accurate in meaning and purpose when translated into another language.

The translation is performed by someone who is certified as knowledgeable in both languages, and has the proper documentation to stand up against scrutiny in case the legitimacy is questioned. Because of this provenance, the translation itself is now a legally recognized document, by both governments where the translation is effective.

Why Get a Certified Translation?

Many government agencies require certified translation in order to conduct business. For beginners, US Immigration needs to have a certified copy of birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce documents, etc. for immigration and customs purposes. Other federal and state government agencies, such as the post office for passports authorization, the local DMV, even school districts need documents written in another language to be certified when translated.

For students transferring college courses into American schools from forgings universities, a certified translation will verify their previous credits and simply their course of studies in the US. They will also require achieved diplomas to be verified, as well as any medical and immunization records in order for the student to be admitted.

International corporations and businesses will also require documents to be translated, especially contracts and secure documentation to ensure business will run smoothly. A simple misinterpreted phrase can cost a company millions of dollars if not caught early on, and this makes certified translation an imperative.

Why the Need for Certified Translations

Quite simply, it’s a matter of verifying the information through a disinterested third party. To this extent, it is much like a third party witness who has no interest in the outcome of the information being translated. Both parties, or more if required, will agree on the services of a certified translation as necessary, and will abide by the translations. This way the information is unquestionable and just as legitimate as the initial draft of the final document, though in a different language from the initial writing.
Services are available for certified translation, and having it in hand when it is needed can save precious time and money.

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We provide certified and notarized translations for all documents from any country in the world. Our highly skilled professional translators are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise.

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