March 7, 2015



What languages do you translate?

We support every major language and dialect.

How long will it take to translate my documents?

The time to translate your document(s) depends on several factors, including source language, page* count, and the quality of the scan of the document. If we need to request additional information from you regarding your documents (such as proper spelling of locations, people, etc.), this may delay the complete translation. However, a document translation typically takes between 1-2 business days to complete. For urgent translations, rush services are available within 12-24 hours. *A page is no more than 250 words.

Who will translate my documents?

Our translators are professionals who are properly vetted and cleared prior to working for us. We typically hire native speakers to ensure quality translations. Our translators come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Ivy League graduates, former United States Embassy translators, and other prestigious academic and professional backgrounds.

Will my translation be certified?

Yes. All of our certified translations meet worldwide standards. Our certification page will include our corporate letterhead, a statement of certification and fluency, and a signature from one of our company representatives. Our certification page will guarantee acceptance by authorities and institutions including USCIS, Federal, State and local governments, the military, colleges and academic institutions.

Will my information be secure?

Absolutely. Your entire visit on our website (including checkout) is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the industry standard for secure communications. Your files are transmitted securely to our servers. They are encrypted once received, and can only be accessed by authorized administrators and translators.
All of our translators have cleared our rigorous due diligence and have signed strict non-disclosure agreements. Our translator policy strictly states that any disclosure, implied or otherwise, of customer information is immediate grounds for termination and possible criminal/civil sanctions.
Your payment information is transmitted securely to our credit card processing company and is never stored on our servers.

Where are you located?

CreditEval is based in Corona del Mar, California.
To reduce costs for our customers, all of our orders are processed online and delivered via email. We are unable to provide in-person consultations at this time.

Order Support

How do I request a revision to my translation?

Our translators strive to generate an accurate translation on all of our orders. Whenever revisions are necessary, simply reply to the email you received with your certified translation and describe the correction you’d like to make to the translation. Our support representatives will reply promptly with any additional questions as well as an update to your order.
Revisions are primarily due to names, locations, or document clarity issues. To ensure a complete translation on the first version, please add names, dates, and locations to the Order Notes, which are passed to your translator.

How do I cancel my order?

Simply reply with a note requesting cancellation to the receipt you received upon completion of checking out. If you do not have that email, simply send us an email to with your order number, and we’ll be happy to cancel and refund your order.

Pricing & Billing

What is our “Acceptance Guarantee”?

As a company focused primarily on immigration-related translations, our Acceptance Guarantee is very clear: We will give you a 100% refund if your translated documents are not accepted by USCIS for any reason.
Our guarantee also extends to any US government agency, state government agency, or local municipality that requires a certified translation.

How can I pay?

You can pay with all major credit cards and Paypal. Payment can be made when placing your order on our website or on the link provided when we email you an invoice.

Do I pay extra for certification?

No. All of our certified translations are certified free of charge.

Can I pay for notarization?

Yes, notarization is also available if required. Our documents will be notarized in the State of Texas.
Notarization of documents will be made with an ink stamp and will be photographically reproducible. We do not provide embossed seals under any circumstances.

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